• Frequently Asked Questions

  • As of February 18th, 2022, under the Executive Order 2022-009, everyone traveling to Puerto Rico must complete the Traveler’s Declaración Form under the following requirements: a) If you do not have the booster dose noted in your Vacu ID, b) If you do not have the booster shot, c) If you are not vaccinated, d) If you come from an international flight (vaccinated and unvaccinated). This will help minimize waiting times in the line. In addition, you must meet various requirements imposed by the local government. Please check the Travelers Guide for more information.

    What is the COVID-19 protocol for travel to and from Puerto Rico?

    Depending on your destination, local or federal government requirements vary. Following the most recent federal order, there are some details to consider:


    If you are traveling from Puerto Rico to any US state or territory:


    As Puerto Rico is a United States territory, you do not need to complete the Disclosure and Declaration of Passengers to the United States of America document. However, some states and/or territories have their own requirements for travelers. The CDC has a helpful tool that can help you find out what these details are. However, we recommend that you check with your airline to confirm if your destination has any particular requirements.


    If you travel to Puerto Rico from any state or territory of the United States:



    The local government requires all passengers over the age of 2 years who do not have a Vacu ID with a booster shot, who don't have a booster shot and have not been vaccinated, to complete the Travelers Declaration form from the Department of health. The form can be found at: 1link.travelsafe.pr.gov. Those unvaccinated must present a NEGATIVE Covid-19 SARS-CoV2 MOLECULAR test result, performed 48hrs or less before travel. If you cannot provide a negative result, you have 48hrs from your arrival to take one. Failure to do, The Department of Health will issue tickets and fines.


    If you travel to Puerto Rico from abroad (this does NOT include US states or territories):


    In addition to completing the Department of Health’s Travel Declaration Form of the local, the federal government established that people traveling to any US state or territory coming from abroad must present evidence of a negative COVID-19 test done one day before traveling, to the airline before boarding, otherwise, they will not be able to travel. These people must complete this form: Disclosure and Attestation of passengers to the United States before boarding. You can find more information on the US State Department’s website: http://bit.ly/2MLrTy2.

    If I don't bring a test result, can I have the test performed at the airport?

    Starting in February 2022, you can get your COVID-19 test in SJU at the Vital Care private lab station located in Terminal E. Various tests are available, as well as drive-thru services by appointment. To schedule your test, please visit https://covidtestlabvitalcare.com/events/. To find testing locations in other US jurisdictions, please visit the Department of Health’s webpage: www.hhs.gov/coronavirus/community-based-testing-sites/index.html.

    Where do I fill out the Travel Declaration Form?

    The Government of Puerto Rico has made this form available online at 1link.travelsafe.pr.gov—you can fill it out from a computer or smartphone. If it cannot be completed, you will be given a printed version so that you can fill it out upon arrival at the airport. For more information: www.discoverpuertorico.com/info/travel-guidelines.

    Do children have to be tested also?

    Executive Order, 2022-009 specifies that anyone traveling to the island 2yrs of age or older must comply with the requisites established and complete the Traveler Declaration Form. You can read the Traveler's Guide for protocols for vaccinated and unvaccinated passengers.

    Where can I get tested for COVID-19 in the United States prior to my arrival in Puerto Rico?

    The United States Department of Health published a list of health centers and private companies where citizens can perform the test in all 50 states. Click here for more details.

    Are there any exceptions to the requirements to travel to Puerto Rico?

    Executive Order 2022-009 applies to anyone traveling to Puerto Rico, with the exception of Aviation mechanics or flight crew members who will not be on the island for more than 72 hours, military personnel and other persons authorized by the Department of Health.

    Do the hotels and short-term lodgings (AirBnB) in Puerto Rico have any protocols enforced for visitors?

    The Tourism Company provides updated information on current protocols for hotels and lodges in Puerto Rico. You can find this information at: prtc-covid19.com. Remember to complete the Traveler Declaration Form at the Department of Health’s website 1link.travelsafe.pr.gov before arriving in the country. This will help reduce waiting time in line.

    If I already have all the required doses of one of the approved COVID-19 vaccines, do I still have to get tested to enter Puerto Rico?​

    Currently, the Puerto Rico Department of Health requires a negative result of a COVID-19 molecular test (PCR) from all unvaccinated travelers entering the island from domestic and international flights; and from vaccinated travelers only if they come from international flights. Please visit the Puerto Rico Department of Health’s web page for additional questions about this requirement: https://www.travelsafe.pr.gov/viaja-seguro.html#travel-requirements.

    Do I need to provide evidence of a Covid-19 Test result to leave Puerto Rico?

    No. At the moment, the Government of Puerto Rico has not implemented any protocol for people leaving the island. However, many countries have established their own protocols with requirements for those who travel. We recommend that you contact your airline to find out the requirements of the destination you are traveling to.