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These are the new safety protocols for all travelers arriving to Puerto Rico

Effective July 15, 2020, the Government of Puerto Rico will implement new entry requirements to prevent Covid-19 infections.

***This information was published on June 30, 2020. For updated details, please visit our Passenger Guide or contact your airline.

In order to reinforce security measures for passengers arriving to Puerto Rico, the Government will implement new safety protocols for those arriving on the island from the SJU Airport effective Wednesday, July 15, 2020.

As explained by Governor Wanda Vázquez, compliance with these new rules will be mandatory for anyone arriving on a flight to the island.

The following are the mandatory requirements which will go into effect as of July 15, 2020:

  • It will be mandatory for every person traveling to Puerto Rico to complete a Travel Declaration Form. This form will be made available online in compliance with the Department of Health (DS). Additionally, all airlines may provide the printed form to those who have not completed it digitally. In this form, the person must indicate if a molecular COVID-19 test was performed in a period not exceeding 72 hours before traveling, and if the result was negative. The passenger can attach evidence of the test’s result. In addition, the passenger must include details of the place of origin in which they traveled, contact information, location of where he/she will stay during their time in Puerto Rico, among other details.
  • Visitors must present evidence of a negative molecular test result carried out within a maximum of 72 hours prior to their trip to Puerto Rico.
  • Visitors will have to remain in quarantine for 14 days or until they obtain a negative molecular test result:
    • If they do not present evidence of a negative molecular test carried out 72 hours or less before the trip.
    • If they only have a Covid-19 serological test (rapid test) result, and have not taken the molecular test.
    • If they test positive for the serological test at the airport.
  • The molecular test may also be carried out, once a Traveler arrives at the Island, in one of the laboratories identified by the Department of Health (whose expense will be paid for by the traveler). If travelers choose this alternative, they must comply with the quarantine protocol until obtaining a negative molecular test result.
  • The use of a face covering or mask to cover the mouth and nose is mandatory for everyone in Puerto Rico at all times. The Government warns that anyone who fails to comply with this directive is exposed to a fine of up to $ 5,000 or other penalties.

According to Executive Order 2020-52, the following visitors will be exempt from meeting the molecular test and declaration form requirements:

  • Aviation mechanics or flight crew members who will not be on the island for more than 72 hours 
  • Military personnel 
  • Other peoples who are Authorized by the DS

The Governor and her team indicated that the authorities' priority is to avoid the exponential increase in infections caused by people traveling to Puerto Rico. In addition, they urge those who are going to receive travelers (family members, or guests at hotels, hostels, and temporary rental spaces, such as Airbnb and others) - to notify them of the new safety protocols and entry requirements for visiting the island.

The authorities also emphasized that those people who have to travel to Puerto Rico undergo the molecular test before doing so. “If you can remain in your state while this health emergency passes, we urge you to do so. But if you have to travel, please take the test to protect yourself and our citizens," said the Governor.

Aerostar continues to be in constant communication with the Government of Puerto Rico and the DS to offer any additional assistance that contributes to protecting our personnel and the people of Puerto Rico against the pandemic.

The National Guard and DS personnel will continue to be in charge of the monitoring efforts at the SJU Airport during the term of the Executive Order.

For those who wish to know in more about the safety and sanitization measures that have been implemented at the SJU Airport since March of this year to protect the airport community and its passengers, can access the informative portal