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Open stores & concessions at the SJU Airport

*This information was updated on August 10, 2020. For accurate data, please contact the SJU Airport administration.

Here is a list of all the stores and concessions that are currently operating at the SJU Airport. This information will be updated weekly. For more information, contact

Terminal A

  • Convenience Store (A3)
  • Convenience Store (A4)
  • Dufry (A3)
  • Dufry Last Minute (A5)
  • Invicta Store (A4)
  • F&B Gustos Café (A8)
  • F&B Aeromeals (A3)
  • F&B Naturally Fast (A5)
  • F&B Grab at the Gate (A4)
  • El Market PR (A2)
  • VIP Lounge (Connecting Corridor)

Terminal B

  • Convenience Store (Central Checkpoint)
  • Convenience Store (B4)
  • Convenience Store (B2)
  • Dufry Last Minute (B7) - Depending on flights
  • Dufry Walkthrough (Central Checkpoint)
  • F&B Enrique Tomas (B8)
  • F&B Viena Snacks (B9)
  • Invicta Store (B2)
  • F&B La Vendimia de José (B2)
  • F&B Carl's Jr. (Central Checkpoint)
  • Banco Popular (Central Checkpoint)
  • El Market PR (B2)
  • Jet Set Salon (B2)
  • Shoe Shine (B2)
  • Garbo Mode (B4)

Terminal C

  • Convenience Store (C4)
  • Dufry Last Minute (C6) - Depending on flights
  • Coop. de Servicios de Equipaje (Central Checkpoint)
  • F&B Domino's Pizza (C2)
  • F&B Starbucks (C4)
  • F&B Land Shark (C2) - Limited Area Bar Only
  • VIP Lounge (C2)
  • Joyería Precolombina (C2)
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