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We redesign our Website! ✈️

Get ready! The way you travel is about to get easier with these new and improved website features. 

Informed passengers travel better! SJU is rolling out a new website design with you in mind, so you can travel better prepared and with all the tools and information you need just a simple CLICK away. Relax, we kept the most searched topics such as the Traveler’s Guide and the blogs with information for passengers. But…. you should also check all the new things we added: 

Flight Tracker

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Is your flight on time? Are your loved ones' flights delayed? CLICK on the “Flight Tracker” and just input the airline name and flight number to SEARCH ↪️and plan any arrivals accordingly. You can also check out current arrival and departure flights on our website. 

Transportation (Parking Calculator) 

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Do you want to know how much it costs to leave your car at the airport? CLICK on the “Parking Calculator” and SEARCH ↪️to plan to safely leave your vehicle in our parking lot. Need a ride? There’s a section on that too! Learn where to find and what you can expect to pay for various forms of transportation. 


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Are there any shops near my terminal? Where are the nearest restrooms? CLICK on “Maps” and SEARCH ↪️ to walk around our airport confidently knowing where everything is located. 

Also, there’s more of what you need to have handy. 

More monthly blogs! 

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Just CLICK to get all the latest news and blogs about daily airport operations📍at our Aeropuerto Internacional Luis Muñoz Marín. SJU will also have more blogs and tips on traveling safely and blogs related to everything and anything travel.

Updated Traveler’s Guide!  

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COVID-19 has forever changed the way we travel. Just CLICK on Traveler's Guide to see the latest updates for domestic and international travelers. 

Traveler Services 

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CLICK and SEARCH ↪️ all the information you need about the protocols from official authorities inside our airport, such as the USDA, TSA, Customs, and more. 

In addition, CLICK and SEARCH ↪️ to report missing and found articles, places to visit in Puerto Rico, restaurant hours, and stores inside the terminals that have all your flight essentials. And many, many more things! ⭐

Don’t forget to add to your favorites, and CLICK + SEARCH ↪️ + TRAVEL SAFELY from #SJU 📍Aeropuerto Internacional Luis Muñoz Marín. 

Safe travels ✈️