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Local company opens a COVID-19 testing center at the SJU Airport

In alliance with Aerostar, CMT Group Corp. launches a PCR testing center at the airport.

The local chain of laboratories, CMT Group Corp., opens a COVID-19 test sample collection service at the SJU Airport in alliance with Aerostar Puerto Rico. The initiative seeks to offer passengers entering and leaving the Island, a simple and effective option to comply with the COVID-19 prevention standards established by the local government and that of other jurisdictions, while also promoting economic development, and prevention among travelers.

“The service will be offered from 6:00 AM to 12:00 AM, seven days a week at three molecular (PCR) test collection centers located throughout the main airport terminals - the passenger will be responsible for the cost of this service. Some health plans may reimburse travelers for part of the cost, so it is recommended that they verify this information with their local health insurer. The molecular test result will be available online in less than 48 hours for travelers who enter and leave Puerto Rico,” explained Dr. Otegbola Ojo, Chief Executive of CMT Group Corp, specialists in clinical laboratory and occupational medicine services.

Jorge Hernández, Aerostar Airports CEO

A valuable contribution to the island's public health and social and economic recovery

“The establishment of these test centers makes it possible for passengers entering and leaving the island to comply with the standards imposed by the Puerto Rican government and other jurisdictions. The trend shared by different destinations requires that travelers provide proof of a negative COVID-19 test result. For this reason, the CMT Group initiative offers this additional service designed for travelers who do not have the time to go to a laboratory and prefer the convenience of taking the test before entering or leaving the island. This is an added service to complement the other conveniences that the airport already offers, such as banking services, a pet area and beauty salon, among others. Our vision is to continue expanding the airport's offerings and services to provide a better experience to our travelers,” said Jorge Hernández, CEO of Aerostar Puerto Rico, the airport operator.

He added that the new service, in addition to making it easier for passengers to carry out the required tests, is a way to contribute to the increase in the detection of positive cases as a valuable prevention mechanism. “On the one hand, we encourage visitors and residents who return to Puerto Rico to get tested. On the other hand, we provide this service to passengers leaving the island to one of the 12 cities in the United States that require evidence of a negative COVID-19 test result, so that they may be allowed entry, free of quarantine," he said.

The valuable service is already being offered by CMT Group

“The CMT Group has already begun offering molecular (PCR) tests and will soon add antigen tests to their service - the result of which is faster - it is estimated that the result for an antigen test would be ready in around two to three hours,” said the chief executive of the laboratory chain.

The doctor indicated that the process of conducting the test is simple and effective. Passengers can pre-register via the web or upon arrival or departure at the airport, where they will scan a code located at the entrance of the test center using their cell phone camera. This code will take the traveler to an online registration form that must be completed with all necessary information. In addition, travelers will be able to fill out the questionnaire required by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Upon completing the registration, the platform will assign the traveler a unique number, through which it will identify the passenger’s record and eventual receipt of the test results. The traveler will present the code to the test center’s staff in order to carry out the molecular test. Passengers will receive the test result via digital format in the next 24 to 48 hours. The only document required is a government issued photo ID.

If you wish to advance your registration for the test prior to your arrival at the SJU Airport, you can do so through the website This website, which also provides the visitor important information about traveling in Puerto Rico, also allows travelers to coordinate the taking of the molecular test at one of the CMT laboratories located in Río Piedras, Toa Baja (Levittown) and Ponce. At these laboratories, a person may apply their medical insurance when presented together with a medical order from a doctor.