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Guide to help you depart from SJU, without any complications!

No one will prepare you to face the reality of going back to a routine post-vacation, but you can control your airport pick-up, so it’s less chaotic.

Once you pick up your luggage, we recognize the urgency of wanting to go home fast and easily. In the middle of processing all your emotions that come with returning to a routine, you must follow our tips so you can depart the SJU Airport fast and drama-free. 

Traveler tips 

Plan your arrival

Keep updated on the status of your flight and share the details with the people who might pick you up. Make sure to send one last message before departing so that your designated driver can follow the flight on the airline page. 

Call your designated driver after you exited the airport

“We landed” is the only thing that your driver needs to know so they can look for you. If the driver is already near the pick-up area and you still haven’t gotten out, there is a 45-minute waiting area with ample parking, or they can use the multilevel parking. 

Find a less trafficked column and wait for your driver

The arrivals pick-up area has various numbered columns where your driver can find you. For example, buffers can be formed. If it’s too crowded, keep walking until you find a column with less traffic. You will get out faster. Trust us! 

Never, NEVER leave luggage unattended

This is a golden rule, whether you arrive or depart from SJU Airport. The next illustrations will explain the protocols to follow for security purposes to keep everyone and their belongings safe. 

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That’s why you should leave luggage unattended. Please!


Tips for designated drivers

Plan your arrival

Ask your passenger for the flight information and verify its status on the airline page. Control the impulse of getting out of the house too early. Remember that you can’t park in the pick-up traveler area. If you live far from SJU, plan ahead. 

Park in the multilevel parking lot or in the waiting area

If you love arriving early, just relax. You can park in the 45-minute area. If you are in the mood to surprise the passenger, you can park in the multilevel parking that has fast access to the pick-up area. For rates, please visit

Ask the traveler to wait for you in a less crowded column

You can’t stay in the travel area. For security reasons, they will ask you to move the car. Also, this creates buffers. Ask your passenger to tell you the column number so you can pick them up faster, without buffers or drama. Trust us! 

Let’s start 2022  good and more secure.